Yes, from the title of this blog, you know that I saw Andreas Walther (華安).  I went to the Taipei Salon for a presentation called "Denmark - Small yet Super" yesterday.  To my surprise, I saw Andreas Walther, Dr. Long Yingtai's eldest son.  When I first saw him, I didn't know that he was Andreas.  I went past him and another mixed-raced looking guy, and I just wanted to find empty seats for both my sister and me.  When my sister arrived, she asked me if Andreas was among the audience.  I saw no way, but when I looked at his direction, I recgonised him.  Really unexpected and amazed, haha.  However, I didn't take photos with him.  You can learn about the presentation here:

丹麥人找事實 台灣人找關係

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Charley Boorman is in Taiwan!? I must admit that I hadn't hear of him until I read the news.  He is a host of a BBC TV porgramme called "By Any Means" (千方百計in Chinese) in the UK.  After reading the news, I checked Charley Boorman's twitter and saw this: "The TV show will be out in the UK on BBC2 in October. So look out for it. Will be in Manila on the 8th.10:59 PM Jul 2nd from TwitterBerry"

I don't know if
TwitterBerry was referring to the show Charley Boorman recorded in Taiwan, but I hope that they will show the audience the objective things about Taiwan.

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聽同事說4月中至5月初在福隆附近的「一間屋」民宿旁邊可看到螢火蟲耶! 還可跟民宿老闆借腳踏車騎到附近的草嶺隧道, 早上還可去划獨木舟. 一整個就很愜意浪漫耶! 超想看螢火蟲的啦! 不過要等到明年囉!


One of my co-workers told me that you could see fireflies near a hotel called "Yi jian wu" ("One House") @ Fulong during mid April and early May.  Really want to see fireflies now.

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I finally found this song! I had longed to want it... The melody and lyrics really touch my heart.

"All the lights are shining bright down in the city, Shining like a million dreams... Sometimes I feel like I'm upside-down. And all those dreams are going right past me... Everybody needs a dream catcher, Someone to be there when your dreams start to fall... Everybody needs a dream catcher, Someone to be there when the bad dreams are all you can see... Dream catcher...catch me."

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今天晚上看BJ單身日記 (Bridget Jones's Diary), 發現其實還滿好笑的..
雖然很多單字看不懂, 但也沒降低我看書的興致.

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