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The photo is from Polo Piatti's website. 照片摘自Polo Piatti官網。 

I learned about this well-known composer by chance. I have to admit that before I found him on the Internet, I had never heard of him... (blushed) I like his music a lot, and that's why I decided to write a short introduction about him in Chinese. If you're interested, you may go to his website to learn about his biography and music career:


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Arata Yumi 弓新2015 小提琴協奏曲之夜  

On 14 march, originally, I was expecting to hear Midori Goto playing the violin. However, when we arrived at CKS Memorial Hall, we learned that Midori Goto had to stay in the USA due to her health. In the beginning, I was sort of disappointed to learn that Midori Goto wasn't going to perform in Taiwan this year, but we still wanted to attend the concert. The violinist who substituted Midori Goto was a young violin player called aged Arata Yumi. He's only 22 years old, and he's a winner of several competitions such as Henryk Wieniawski International Young Violinist Competition in Lublin (2006), 1st Guadagnini Competition in Tokyo (2011), etc. 

今年3月的時候,我本來滿心期待要來聽著名的日本小提琴家宓多里演奏西貝流士:D小調小提琴協奏曲。不過,當我抵達中正紀念堂時,赫然發現當日宓多里因身體不適而無法來台演出。天哪~ 還挺令我錯愕的。主辦單位已盡最大能力向聽眾致歉,但是還是有些聽眾跑去退票了。既然人都到了,何不聆賞呢? 代打的是日本新秀小提琴家弓新。這算是意外的收穫吧。弓新很年輕,1992年出生的他,現年也才22歲 (足歲; 生日不明)。弓新曾囊括多項大獎,同時也是維尼奧夫斯基小提琴比賽有史以來最年輕得獎者。好吧,就讓我們來拭目以待吧!


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Last Saturday, I went to a concert by a chorus called Formosa Singers. In the first half, they sang work written by British composers. The piano accompanist was on the stage, too, but she didn't play anything until the last two pieces, which were written by John Rutter. The director said that many British songs were written during the Golden Age. Since most British composers were traditional, no one could change their style. (I couldn't remember what the director exactly said.) The songs I heard in the first half were all about God, Jesus, the Virgin Mary. The only exception is that they included John Rutter's music, and the director said that it wasn't until the 20th century, British music had a change. I heard 2 songs from "Birthday Madrigals": "It was a Lover and his Lass" and "Come Live With Me and Be My Love".

上週六我去聽福爾摩沙合唱團的「英倫情懷」音樂會。原本我只期待上半場的英國傳統歌曲,沒想到其實下半場更精彩。(不知道是否跟low expectation有關?) 前半段的節目,幾乎是清唱。即使有鋼琴家坐在一旁,頂多就是彈一兩個音起個奏,合唱團團員就開始唱。過程中,幾乎每首演奏完畢,指揮就會稍微向聽眾敘述一下英國歌曲的背景,有助於我們了解其淵源。指揮說,其實這些英國作品大多數是在英國的黃金時期所譜成的。而英國作曲家多數都很傳統,即使有韓德爾等大作曲家想改變他們的風格,他們依舊維持傳統 (果然很英國...)。我聽完上半場,最喜歡的莫過於John Rutter所寫的兩首曲子。這兩首帶有濃厚爵士樂,相當輕快,有別詩歌風格的曲目。


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The first time I heard "Destination Moon", I thought that it was from Lisa Ono's new album. However, a friend of mine, who played the music, jokingly retorted, "Just because everyone else listens to Lisa Ono's music, it doesn't mean that you should neglect other musicians." That's how I was led to Diana Panton's vocal world, and of course, I have remembered her name ever since that day I visited my friend who introduced such a great singer's music to me. 第一次聽到黛安娜‧潘頓的"Destination Moon" (暫譯: 奔向月球),我錯以為是小野麗莎。畢竟,對於爵士樂不熟悉的我,講到bosa nova,我就只想到小野麗莎。那次是在某回拜訪友人時,朋友在聊天時,特地想播輕音樂做為背景音樂。當我問他:「是小野麗莎的音樂嗎?」他開玩笑反駁:「怎麼可以隨波逐流?」於是乎,我禁不住翻了CD片一看,從此,「黛安娜‧潘頓」這名字就深烙在我心。

Honestly, I never thought that there would be a wonderful jazz musician like Lisa Ono from Canada. Whenever people talk about jazz, especially basa nova, we think of Lisa Ono. I personally am not familiar with jazz. However, I do feel good when jazz music is background to a book or anything I like to do when I'm alone, just like I'm writing my blog, one of my favourite things (sounds a bit ironic here, as I don't update my blog regularly), in my cosy room. It would be better if I had a cup of coffee. What more can I ask for? Diana Panton's music is absolutely smoothing, relaxing and irresistible. You can listen to the song "Destination Moon" for yourself. 坦白說,講到加拿大,我想到就是風光美景,但我絕對不會知道,原來這國家不是只有席琳狄翁會唱歌,還有個可媲美小野麗莎的爵士樂新星黛安娜‧潘頓咧! 畢竟小野麗莎在台灣實在是無人不知、無人不曉啊。我其實多半聽的是古典樂跟流行樂,爵士樂不常聽,可是我真心覺得,不管讀書也好,或者自己做自己喜愛的事情 (就像我現在寫部落格... 說來有點嘲諷,畢竟我不是很勤奮更新),如果背景音樂是爵士樂,整個人就會覺得很輕鬆自在,幸福指數上升。如果又在寒冬喝著熱咖啡,哇,這樣的舒服自在,夫復何求? 黛安娜‧潘頓的音樂實在是難以抗拒的輕鬆自在又迷人。你們可以自己聽聽看、自行評斷吧。


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A few friends of mine kept asking me who sang the song "Unexpected Song" when they first heard it.  In fact, the more they listen to it, the more they love it.  It's really amazing to me because none of us could fully understand the English lyrics without checking the lyrics online, and yet we were all bewitched by the beautiful melody of the song.  More importantly, it isn't just the melody of the song; it's the singer's skills that hold our hearts.  He completely, totally, and utterly gave the soul to the song.  His voice evokes suppressed emotions, and the flow of piano music gently shed the strong man's inner side.  So who is the singer? And who wrote the song? 自從我在我的部落格放置了音樂,就有朋友陸陸續續問我:「這首歌是誰唱的? 越聽越好聽。」確實,這首曲子越聽越耐人尋味。最令我訝異的是,我們都不全然聽得懂英文歌詞,可是我們都被優美的旋律深深吸引住。除了動聽的旋律之外,功不可沒的是歌唱者本身的技巧跟實力。他賦予了這首歌曲靈魂,磁性的嗓音,彷彿抑制自己的情感,但是又忍不住爆發內心激慨、按耐不住的情緒,既是柔情,又是剛強,鋼琴伴奏宛如涓涓流水,流暢地將爆發後的情感,宣洩到大海中。就像告白之後,得到答案,那樣海闊天空。那麼,是誰詮釋這首歌曲的呢? 又是譜寫這首歌的人又是誰許人也呢?

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This is a piece played by Julian Lloyd Webber, but this time, I would like to share three tango pieces.  The first piece is called "Oblivion", and it was written by Astor Piazzolla ((March 11, 1921 – July 4, 1992) ,a tango composer from Argentina.  If you go online, you might be able to hear different versions of "Oblivion", but after listening to some of those versions, I still prefer Julian Lloyd Webber's version.  Julian Lloyd Webber plays the piece in a softer and deeper way.  這是一首由朱利安洛伊韋伯演奏的曲子,不過這一回要推薦的是首探戈曲。一首叫「遺忘」,是由義大利裔阿根廷籍探戈作曲家阿斯托爾·皮亞佐拉譜寫而成。網路上有滿多不同版本的「遺忘」,但是最深得我心的還是朱利安洛伊韋伯演奏的「遺忘」。他詮釋的方式比較溫柔、深沉,憂傷的情感透過低沉的大提琴聲娓娓道出,十分動聽。

Another piece, "Por Una Cabeza", was written by Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera.  I learned this piece from a (sort of old) film called Scent of a Woman, starring Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell.  "Tango scenes with 'Por una cabeza' appear in Schindler's List, Scent of a Woman, Delicatessen, True Lies, All the King's Men, Bad Santa, Episode 37 of Nip/Tuck, Episode 9 of Sweet Spy, the beginning and ending credits of I'm Sorry, I Love You, and the CSI: NY episode 'Down the Rabbit Hole', and in the movie Frida (Sma Hayek), [...]"  另一首曲子,可能有些人早就知道,叫「一步之差」,很有意思的曲名,最令人印象深刻的是來自電影「女人香」飾演盲人的艾爾帕西諾與一位妙齡陌生女子在豪華餐廳裡頭跳一段小探戈。曲調剛開始有點輕快,曲風也很和諧,後來轉而激烈,像是拉扯,但之後又曲折成原本的輕快。聽了就叫人也很想嘗試跳探戈看看,哈哈。有興趣延伸閱讀的人可以參閱這個人的網誌,有很詳細的曲風說明。不過比較讓我訝異的是,根據維基百科,上面說這首「一步之差」其實最早的旋律淵源出自於Mozart's Rondo for Violin and Orchestra in C, K. 373 (莫札特的小提琴C大調協奏曲K 373的輪旋曲)。通常輪旋曲感覺是第三樂章,不過我不是很確定)。

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