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Jacky Wu et al on newspaper [三大難高音上報] 

這篇跟前兩篇有關喔! 所以要先從前兩篇看起,才會知道來龍去脈...
【國外旅行】Duolun Road [多倫路文化名人街]

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Kang Kang, Jacky Wu and Frankie Gao's concert in Shanghai [上海三大難高音演唱會]

At a long last - Kang Kang, Jacky Wu and Frankie Gao's concert in Shanghai! This concert was held on 3 April, at 7:30pm.  Unfortunately, I didn't make it to be there before the show began.  I thought that the concert was held at Hongkou Stadium Badminton Hall, where is close to Duolun Road.  However, the concert was actually held at Shanghai Stadium.  That's why I was late for nearly 30 minutes, but thank God I didn't miss the most brilliant part. Just want to mention that when I was on the subway, a man carrying a baby begged eveyone for money.  Every time the coins made sounds, I felt very sad.  When I walked out of the subway, I took a RMB5-note and gave it to the man.  I really couldn't stand seeing him carrying a baby and begging all the way.  How could he do this to his son? I can't bring myslef to imagine what kind of life his son is going to face when he grows up.  終於,講到吳宗憲、高凌風跟康康的上海演唱會,看到這,各位就知道上海遊記系列幾乎已經進入尾聲了。有沒有「終於解脫」的感覺呀? 哈哈。老實說,因為我實在太迷糊,居然將演唱會地點記成虹口體育館... (那虹口體育館離多倫路不算太遠。) 所以當我看門票時,我才知道原來演唱會地點在另一頭 - 上海體育館! 所以當我到場時,都已經錯過將近30分鐘的好戲了。不過也因為這樣,我錯失尋找我室友還有其他團友的好機會... 還好,我安慰自己似乎沒錯過重頭戲,所以真的是萬幸。

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Duolun Road [多倫路文化名人街]

Originally, I wasn't interested in Duolun Road.  However, one of my tour members showed me some photos she took from Duolun Road, which inspired me.  However, I made a huge mistake before I went on my journey: I mistook Hongkou Stadium as Shanghia Stadium, which resulted in an unexpected night. 原本,多倫路並非排在我計畫之中。但是在出發的前一晚,團友秀照片給我看。多倫路白天挺漂亮的。加上我將虹橋足球場看成上海大舞台,就這樣誤打亂撞到那裡。也因此,造成我的上海驚魂夜,有部分原因就是因為我犯了這個錯誤。當然,這不是最嚴重的錯誤。

When I arrived at Duolun Road, the first thing I did wasn't looking around in the street.  I went to a shop for food.  I ordered fried rice.  I waited and waited.  It was longer than I expected.  I once heard that if you didn't shout at the chef or waitor/waitress in China, they wouldn't serve you the food you ordered quickly.  And "unfortunately", I didn't shout at them when ordering a meal.  The worst past is that when I finally got my fried rice, it was burnt rice.  I ate some of the fried rice, and it tasted really awful.  The chef might have talked to someone or done something else while he was cooking the fried rice for me.  The fried rice was overdone.  WORST FOOD EVER.  I didn't even finish it, as it was inedible and unbearable.  I paid the money - RMB5, because I didn't want to get in any trouble by telling them how terrible their food was and how unacceptable their service was. 當我到多倫路,我真的很餓。只想趕快找個東西吃。我到一家小吃店,點了一盤炒飯。等了有點久。我總覺得在上海都這樣 - 在台灣,通常我們點什麼,很快菜就送上來了。可是在上海,他們都慢吞吞的。也許是因為我沒對他們吼叫,所以他們才會屌而郎當的態度。不過,最讓我失望的是,炒飯雖然一大盤滿滿的,份量很夠,問題是整盤炒飯都炒焦了。我實在難以下嚥。勉強吃了一半,但實在無法再吃下去。真的是難吃到極點。我不知道他們怎麼敢將炒焦的飯端給客人吃。本來不想付錢的,可是又怕惹麻煩,所以付了5元人民幣,馬上閃人。壓根兒不想繼續待在那裡。難吃到極點。

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Moller Villa Hotel [上海 - 馬勒別墅]

I first glanced at this fairy-tale castle on the way to Zhouzhuang/Suzhou.  I was totally amazed.  Fortunately, Moller Villa was included in the traveller's guide book, although little information was given.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have known how to get there.  (To use the Internet in the hotel in which I stayed, I would have to pay.  That's why I didn't surf the net while I was in China.)  Little did I know that Moller Villa now serves as a hotel.  我第一次看到馬勒別墅,是在前往周庄以及蘇州的路上。當時我就極為震撼,想親自去那裡瞧瞧。後來在旅遊書上也看到極簡短的報導,但是,我倒是不記得書中提到這別墅現做為飯店。當我將這張照片秀給我室友看時,她居然問我這是不是在小人國拍的? 哈哈,我是在天橋上拍的,所以馬勒別墅看起來就格外地小。

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Shanghai Postal Museum [上海郵政博物館]

This is Shanghai Postal Museum.  It's quite small, actually.  No wonder it wasn't easy for me to find this museum.  I wandered around in Xintiandi and asked a few security guards to finally get there.  Why did I especially want to go to this museum? The night before, while I skimmed a traveller's guidebook, I saw that in Shanghai Postal Museum, you could make postcards with YOUR OWN PHOTO.  That was tempting to me.  I thought that it would be really cool if I could print my photos on postcards and mail them to my friends.  However, I did ponder: how possible it would be for me to transfer my photos onto computers without a cable? 這就是上海郵政博物館,超級迷你小的。難怪我當初找的時候找得有點辛苦。我可是問了好幾個警衛,才問到這地方的。不過其實這些警衛當中,也有很多個不清楚上海郵政博物館,甚至連聽都沒聽過,倒是中國共產黨第一次全國代表大會會址比較有名。而我之所以特別想到上海郵政博物館,純粹只是因為我在旅遊雜誌看到那裡可以提供遊客製作個人照片的明信片。我覺得那挺鮮的 - 將我精心在上海拍攝的照片印成明信片,然後在上海寄給朋友,那種價值比買一般上海明信片來得有意義。不過在去這裡之前,我確實思肘過: 我沒帶我的傳輸線,那要怎樣印成個人化明信片呢?

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After visiting the Jin Mao Tower and the Bund, I took MRT again and went straight to Xintiandi.  This is an attraction full of overseas travellers.  There were so many overseas travellers (especially white) that I heard a white woman ask, "Are we in China?" 參觀完金茂大酒店以及外灘日景後,我馬上衝去新天地。這地方老外超多,多到我聽到一個老外忍不住問道:「我們在中國嗎?」

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The Bund [外灘日景]

After spending an hour in the Jin Mao Tower, I soon rushed back to Nanjing East MRT Station, and walked out of it to reach the Bund.  I saw the Bund on the first night when I arrived at Shanghai, but I would like to see what the Bund looked like in the daytime.  That's why I decided to go there again, but this time, I was not going to walk to Yu Garden from the Bund.  I didn't go to Yu Garden.  After all, I think that I'd seen quite a few gardens in Suzhou.  I remember that on the very first night, it was hard for me to take a photo of some foreigners who happened to walk along the Bund.  How could I take a photo of the Bund without any white people in the photo? So, fortunately, on 3 April, I finally took a photo I wanted to take, haha.  在金茂大酒店耗了一個多鐘頭後,就衝去南京東路站,主要就是要看外灘的日景。雖然大家都說外灘夜景比日景美,我還是想看看大白天下,外灘看起來會是怎樣。這次我稍微走了一下外灘步道,但是我可沒那麼多時間從外灘走到豫園囉。我還記得第一晚在外灘時,超想將老外入鏡,可是老外都會閃掉。這次光天化日之下,因為遊客如織,阿斗娃大概以為我在拍建築物,殊不知其實我只是想取好角度,將老外連同外灘建築物一起拍進去。只是,有幾個老外知道租界的歷史? 看到上海有這麼西洋的建築,他們的感覺又是如何呢? 現代人看到這些建築物覺得美不勝收,可是我好奇外灘萬國旗飄揚時,當時的中國人有多無奈呢?

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The atrium of the Jinmao Tower [上海金茂大酒店裡面的樓層]

Did you feel dizzy when you saw the first photo in this blog entry? This is how I entirely felt when I first looked at the atrium of the Jin Mao Tower. ; 你看到這張照片時,是否感到暈眩? 這是我在金茂大酒店裡頭時,仰頭看著這一圈又一圈之中庭的感受。這是由下往上拍的景色。

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Expo 2010 & its mascot [上海世博館 & 海寶]

On the second day, which is 2nd April, I joined in a tour group and we were heading to Zhouzhuang and Suzhou.  On the way to Zhouzhuang, we passed by a few bridges - extremely long bridges. The bridge was across both sides of River Huangpu, and therefore we saw part of World Expo 2010.  In this collage, you can see the Expo Axis and the China Pavilion.  You can also see Haibao, the mascot of Expo 2010.  According to wikipedia, "The main building called 'Expo Axis' with the world's largest membrane construction was built by SBA (architects) and Knippers Helbig (structural engineers). The building consists of some steel-glass funnels with a 1000m long membrane construction. The main construction was completed in the End of 2009." The Expo Axis looks particularly spectacular at night. 第二天一大早,我就自費跟著旅行團到周庄以及蘇州。途中我們經過上海許多橋 - 多到我都忘記到底我們經過幾座大橋。每座橋都長得像高速公路一樣。嚇數倫 - 真是讓我驚見大陸的建造實力。途中,我們當然也看到了部分的世博館。這張拼貼顯示的是上海世博軸 、中國館以及世博吉祥物海寶。


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Huxin Pavilion [湖心亭]

After we walked along the Bund, we decided to go to Yu Garden... It took 1.5 hours for us to get there.  A man who works in Shanghai said that we must have taken the wrong route, as it only took him half an hour to get to Yu Garden from the Bund.  From our map, the route from the Bund to Yu Garden appears to be short, but it's longer than we thought.  Anyway, we made it - we saw Shanghai Old Street and the food court of Yu Garden.  The first photo features Huxin Pavilion, which looks spectacular at night.  當我們沿著外灘走,我們以為這樣走下去很快就會到豫園... 可是我錯了,我們花了至少1.5小時才到豫園。我告訴一個在上海工作的大陸人我們尋找豫園千辛萬苦的過程時,他說我們肯定是走錯路了。因為他曾經從外灘走到豫園過,他只花半小時。=.=" 差那麼多! 不過我們因此學到一個教訓 - 不要看地圖上面很近的樣子,走起來爆遠的。本文第一張圖是豫園商圈裡頭的湖心亭。夜景看起來格外漂亮。

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The Bund [上海外灘夜景]

On the first night, we went straight to the Bund.  It's said that the best timing to walk along the Bund was in the evening.  So there we went! Learn about the history of the Bund here: "The Bund (simplified Chinese: 外滩; traditional Chinese: 外灘; pinyin: Wàitān) is an area of Huangpu District in central Shanghai.  The area centres on a section of Zhongshan Road (East-1 Zhongshan Road) within the former Shanghai International Settlement, which runs along the western bank of the Huangpu River, facing Pudong, in the eastern part of Huangpu District. The Bund usually refers to the buildings and wharves on this section of the road, as well as some adjacent areas. The Bund is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai. Building heights are restricted in this area.  我們第一站就是上海外灘。來到上海怎麼能不去外灘? 外灘,就是大家所謂的上海灘。外灘白天看很不錯,不過夜景更美。這就是為何會有夜上海之稱啦,哈哈。看一下外灘歷史: 「上海外灘(英語:The Bund),簡稱外灘,1943年起路名為中山東一路,全長1108米,南起上海延安東路,北至蘇州河上的外白渡橋,東面即黃浦江,西面是舊上海金融、外貿機構的集中地,沿路為二十餘座折衷主義風格的古典復興大樓,被譽為『萬國建築博覽群』,近年來上海外灘天幕的後方又被新建的許多摩天大樓改變了不少。

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Shanghai Metro [上海地鐵]

When you visit Shanghai, you have to take the metro.  So, on the first night, we - the five girls - got very excited to begin our very first metro adventure in Shanghai.  It took us more time than we thought to arrive at the MRT station, and on the way to the MRT station, it was so very dark.  I wonder why there were so few lamp posts along the streets... There were a few things that surprised us at the MRT station in Shanghai: its space, its safety system and its cleanness.  來到上海,就一定要搭搭看他們的地鐵。上海地鐵擁擠的程度是聞名遐邇的,可是我說過,我們的飯店實在是太偏僻了,所以我們花了15-20分鐘才走到我們的地鐵站,而且這一路還烏漆媽黑的。我實在不明白怎麼路上街燈少得離譜。到了地鐵站,有幾件事情倒是挺令我們大開眼界的: 寬敞、乾淨,而且還有類似飛機安檢機制。真是怪哉。

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Our room... [Holiday Inn的房間] 


When we entered our room in Holiday Inn, we were shocked.  No, it wasn't the most fabulous hotel I've ever stayed.  We were simply puzzled by why there was a window for us to see through the bath room and toilet.  At first, my roommate BenQ even suspected that it was a room designed for a couple.  So, a love hotel, perhaps.  But soon, BenQ discovered that there was a switch inside the bathroom.  So she pressed one of the buttons.  Then a curtain automatically lowered down to cover the window.  當我們到了我們的房間時,其實我們都傻眼了。不是說這飯店bling bling、金光閃閃、華麗無比,而是... 它的浴室幹麻中間裝個窗戶讓我們看? 我室友一度懷疑這是給情侶住的,可是如果給情侶住,幹麻還分兩張單人床? 後來機靈如我的室友,她發現有一個開關,她按了一下,一道布幕這才自動放下,遮住了窗戶,我們這才鬆了一口氣 - 不必特意出門而讓另一位女生方便洗澡呀! 哈哈。

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Kangkang and Wu @ the airport [康康&吳宗憲在桃園中正機場]

Last month, I got a free trip to Shanghai offered by Daphne, a Taiwanese shoe maker, which got its fame in China and now has tried to penetrate in the Taiwanese market.  One of the main purposes of this trip was to attend a concert by Kang Kang, Jacky Wu and Frankie Gao.  We were sort of like some crazy fans who followed those stars all the way from Taiwan to Shanghai, although that wasn't our intention. 上個月因為參加串聯貼貼紙而得了達芙妮贊助的上海四天三夜旅行,而且還含有吳宗憲、康康以及高凌風的演唱會。實在很幸運。當然這是媒體製造出來的效果 - 把我們塑造成瘋狂追星族似的,哈哈。

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