Last Saturday, I went to a concert by a chorus called Formosa Singers. In the first half, they sang work written by British composers. The piano accompanist was on the stage, too, but she didn't play anything until the last two pieces, which were written by John Rutter. The director said that many British songs were written during the Golden Age. Since most British composers were traditional, no one could change their style. (I couldn't remember what the director exactly said.) The songs I heard in the first half were all about God, Jesus, the Virgin Mary. The only exception is that they included John Rutter's music, and the director said that it wasn't until the 20th century, British music had a change. I heard 2 songs from "Birthday Madrigals": "It was a Lover and his Lass" and "Come Live With Me and Be My Love".

上週六我去聽福爾摩沙合唱團的「英倫情懷」音樂會。原本我只期待上半場的英國傳統歌曲,沒想到其實下半場更精彩。(不知道是否跟low expectation有關?) 前半段的節目,幾乎是清唱。即使有鋼琴家坐在一旁,頂多就是彈一兩個音起個奏,合唱團團員就開始唱。過程中,幾乎每首演奏完畢,指揮就會稍微向聽眾敘述一下英國歌曲的背景,有助於我們了解其淵源。指揮說,其實這些英國作品大多數是在英國的黃金時期所譜成的。而英國作曲家多數都很傳統,即使有韓德爾等大作曲家想改變他們的風格,他們依舊維持傳統 (果然很英國...)。我聽完上半場,最喜歡的莫過於John Rutter所寫的兩首曲子。這兩首帶有濃厚爵士樂,相當輕快,有別詩歌風格的曲目。


In the second half, all of the male singers changed their outfits. Originally they were all in black, but after the interval, pretty much each of them wore a different shirt: pink, red, blue, yellow, green and purple. I quite like "the rainbow shirt" arrangement. The female singers' outfits remained the same. Then they sang some Taiwanese folk songs, and to my surprise, since the composer made the Taiwanese folk songs a bit like jazz, it was pretty good. "Rhapsody Trio", composed of three Taiwanese musicians, also accompanied the chorus. I like the arrangement. If it had been only vocal, that would have been boring.


The last piece was called "Oh My Goodness". The song was a Taiwanese folk song called "天黑黑" mixed with "Flight of the Bumblebee". That's an interesting combination. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any Taiwanese songs by Formosa Singers on youtube.


After the concert was finished, the woman who sat next to me and I discussed the concert a bit. She told me that in summer, foreign musicians would come to Taiwan. In their performances, there was no accompanist. Their performances were relaxing, too. If one of them didn't need to sign, s/he would drink water... But it sounds boring to me if there's no accompanist.

音樂會結束後,我跟旁邊的女生小聊一下。我說這場音樂會真是出乎意料之外地好聽 (因為我之前並不知道爵士版的台語歌會如此精彩),這女生跟我分享每年台灣暑假都會有很多國外樂團來台,他們都是清唱... 而他們的演奏風格很自由,如果不是輪到他們唱,在旁休息的他們就會喝水之類的,一整個超輕鬆自在。不過我個人真的不是很喜歡樂器獨奏或者清唱... 總覺得至少要二重奏比較好一些。


Anyway, I indeed enjoy the Formosa Singers' concert, and I'm sure that anyone who has been to thier concerts will find it enjoyable to listen to their music.

總而言之,我個人聽完福爾摩沙合唱團的「英倫情懷」音樂會,覺得整個人心情放鬆許多,真是美好的夜晚啊! 相信聽過福爾摩沙合唱團音樂會的朋友們都有同感喔!






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