A lot of people from abroad have been searching for the news and articles about the Paolo Porpora painting called Flowers, accidentally damaged by a 12 year old boy a few days ago. People from Europe, the USA and even South America (Argentina, Brazil etc) have searched news about this incident. So I guess that the news is out all over the world. Hence, I decided to write one to tell them what Mark, a Taiwanese illustrator, said about the curator of "The Face of Leonardo, Images of a Genius" exhibition Andrea Rossi, in case they didn’t use Google Translate to read Mark’s blog post.

When the accident happened, Andrea Rossi didn't blame the boy for hitting the painting. Instead, he joking told the boy that he was the only Taiwanese person who touched this painting. If the exhibition organiser was only Taiwanese, would the little boy be completely forgiven? What touched my heart is that Andrea Rossi didn't want the media to write about this accident. He was worried that once it became world news, it would be difficult for any museum to consider lending artwork in Taiwan. I was speechless at Andrea Rossi's generosity and forgiveness.

Many Taiwanese journalists asked Andrea Rossi if he was sad or would he ask the kid and his parents to compensate for the painting. All Andrea Rossi wants to give Taiwanese people is a quality exhibition, and that's why most paintings are displayed in the venue without glass. Andrea Rossi believed that Taiwanese people would respect those paintings, and he wants to give us the best experience to enjoy the art. In fact, when I went to the official website of "The Face of Leonardo, Images of a Genius" exhibition, I was surprised to see that Andrea Rossi let three visually impaired students actually touched some paintings so that they could feel the canvases, oil painting materials. I can feel that Andrea Rossi really loves those paintings and he wants to share his love and passion with us.

We owe him a lot, and I really hope that such incident will never happen again.

PS. The Paolo Porpora painting has now been restored. You can see the Chinese news here:

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